Mike Jennings
Business Development Advisors
Looking4. Posted: 07 Feb, 19

Help with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads help

I'm looking for a person or company who can help me with the set up, execution and management of Facebook Advertising campaigns. Any recommendations will be gratefully received. Thanks Mike

Richard Ingham
Navigation Web Ltd

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Hi Mike, I am more than happy to help you setup Facebook Ads as I have been doing this for some of my clients. You can contact me on either 07903 413 252 or richard.ingham@navigationweb.co.uk - 07 Feb, 2019

Caroline Andrew-Johnstone
Fasprint - Print with Personality

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Zach Greaves hello@artusdigital.com. He’s fab - 08 Feb, 2019

  • Thanks very much Caroline - I'll give him a call Mike - Mike Jennings 08 Feb, 19

  • Todd from spaghetti agency can do help. - Adam Redshaw 11 Feb, 19

Laura Farkas
Laura's Sales Funnels

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Hi Mike, certainly something I am happy to look into. Here are some of the results I have been getting for clients in the past few weeks. https://marketingfunnel.website/index.php/2019/02/11/case-study-social-media-engagement-through-sales-funnels/ - 11 Feb, 2019

Property Manager
Patma - Cloud Software

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Mike, Checkout Todd at the https://www.spaghettiagency.co.uk/training-and-speaking https://www.spaghettiagency.co.uk/ Pete - 11 Feb, 2019

Bhagesh Nair
Plan B Enterprise Consultants

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Hello Mike, If you are still interested in other ad platforms, i Can assist with Mobile Adverts. Pop up ads, Push Notifications etc. Please check out my profile. - 14 Feb, 2019