Bharti Nandha
Promoting. Posted: 26 Feb, 19

Do you employ staff?

HR, Human Resources

Lots of small businesses struggle to keep on top of their HR activities.

If this is you then i have a great offer for you!

For a low monthly fee you can get:

  1. Employment Contract - an extensive contract that protects your business

  2. Handbook - Including all the essential policies that you need to comply to employment law

  3. HR Software - A cloud based service to electronically manage every aspect of employing staff (breatheHR)

  4. HR Support - 1 hour of help and advice each month

Getting the peace of mind of knowing you are compliant and can access a real person whenever you need to is priceless!

But BHR will only charge you £169 per month!*

Don't put it off any longer - contact me today for a free and confidential chat.

*subject to full terms and conditions for a limited period only