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Promoting. Posted: 15 Mar, 19

Establishing a strong content strategy & sociable brand for social media success

Social Media, content strategy

Social media isn’t a one-way marketing channel. It’s a conversational space and only sociable brands will succeed. By adding value and building relationships you establish trust with your target audience and turn people not just into one-time customers but into loyal brand ambassadors. But how do you go about doing this?

It’s crucial to share the right content and have the right conversations in the right way. But it can be hard to know where to start. Knowing what to share, what to say and how to say it can be daunting.

Content is changing the relationship between the brand and the consumer. Content marketing used to be a way for brands to stand out from the crowd but it has become the new ‘normal’. It has evolved into what customers expect from the brands they interact with. In today’s competitive market, not doing content marketing is a big risk.

Content is king on social media but for many brands, it’s a challenge to understand what content they should share, in what format and for what purpose. For smaller brands with limited budgets, there is the added struggle of finding the time and resources to devote to their content strategy.

In this session, I’ll take you through a tried and tested framework for building a sociable brand that communicates your brand essence whilst building authentic relationships with your customers. Your sociable brand guides the rest of your social strategy and you’ll learn the best practice for content marketing, how to craft the right content strategy for your brand and will focus on affordable ideas for manageable content strategies.

You will come out of this session with your very own unique sociable brand and content strategy ideas to take forward that will guide your success on social media.

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