Dawn Evans
Purple swan mortgages
Promoting. Posted: 06 Apr, 19

Equity Release Specialist

Over 55's

Later Life Mortgages and Equity Release is growing, no, it's booming!! Love it or hate Equity Release, its here to stay.

As a nation we are living longer, yet the government have only just cottoned on to the fact we need money to live. The state pension is now not enough! Do you work in or around the elderly? Do you have an aging workforce? Are you a member of a golf/bowling club? Do you work with Age UK?

My passion is to explain and educate my target market that there are no less than 86 products out there which may just provide the lifeline that someone needs. I don't want to sell Equity Release plans, I want to open doors of opportunity. If this is something you can help with and would welcome a 121, I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks Dawn