Peter Ragg
Synergy Worldwide
Looking4. Posted: 14 May, 19

Book Editor

book editor, editor

Hi I have written my first draft of my first book, 63,000 words and I am looking for an experienced editor to critique the book and get it into shape to become the best seller that I clearly believe it is. Please contact me on 07780 673 705

Kind regards Peter Ragg

Caroline Andrew-Johnstone
Fasprint - Print with Personality

Mark Beaumont-Thomas is your man - 14 May, 2019

Jenni Brown
JJB Office Services

Another recommendation for Mark Beaumont Thomas. He should be able to help and if not, suggest someone who could - 14 May, 2019

Mark Beaumont-Thomas
4Networking Marketing Manager

Thanks for the mentions folks, yes, Peter, this is exactly the sort of thing I can help with. I've edited all of Brad Burton's books and various other non-fiction works. I'll contact you direct with more info if that's OK! - 14 May, 2019

Duncan Price
Mind Affinity

Lindsey Woodward May be a good shout. - 15 May, 2019