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GB Active - Bringing GB athletes to the community
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Would you like your workforce to be inspired by a GB athlete at an affordable price?

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WE offer a free consultation where we go through your businesses needs and budget so we can plan the right event. The types of services we offer are:

Inspirational Talks Our athletes can provide inspirational talks to the workforce by covering a wide range of topics from motivation and mindset to healthy living. They can also do a Q&A session about life as a GB athlete.

One off Fitness classes (Regular classes London based only) GB Active can organise your own signature classes and train with a GB athlete either at a park or another venue of choice. Every session is unique with a mixture of exercises and fun team games by different GB athletes.

Workshops Our athletes can provide a more hands on approach by delivering fun and engaging workshops at the office. We can design the programme with the athlete so it suits you and cover a range of subjects from nutrition to goals.

Experience days (Location dependent) GB Active can organise a fun experience day with your workforce. Our athletes can design a day for all levels of abilities from kayaking to a track session where they can learn all the skills and techniques from the elite.