Iain Macauley
Desired Outcome Consulting
Looking4. Posted: 12 Jun, 19

Wanted: social media specialist within 20 miles of Manchester.

social media, digitial, PR

My social media resource - supporting my PR and lobbying work in my now determinedly previous working life in London - has always been in London.

While I appreciate social media and the digital world is all about not meeting, I'm looking for somebody I can actually meet: a sharp but small-scale social media business - or freelance - within 20 miles of Manchester city centre.

I'll need new resource on my return to the North West, and social media is one of the first matters on the list.

Any recommendations?

Rachael Chiverton
The Contracts Lady & Focus Guru

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HI Iain, What sort of support are you after? 2 or 3 names pop into my head but I don't know which one to recommend as I'm not sure which social media or what sort of support you are after. Feel free to give me a call to discuss this tomorrow - 19 Jun, 2019

  • Hi Rachael. OK, I think I'm sorted, thanks. I'm sussing out three outfits introduced through 4N. Thanks for responding. I'm surprised how little interaction there is on Marketplace, though. Am I using it correctly. Best. Iain - Iain Macauley 20 Jun, 19