Mark Baker
Seven Design Associates
Promoting. Posted: 04 Jul, 19

Banner, Business Cards and Bumf

banner, businesscards, bumftable, leaflets, specialoffers

Let's talk about your Banners, Business Cards and Bumf.

I think it's great how 4N offers a really broad mix of opportunities for us to promote our businesses and not just your killer 40 second intro, or an awesome 4Sight, the marketplace or the social channels. I really believe it's just as important to think about your image and message and how you present it.

Banners and the bumf table are a great way of making your presence in the room known, especially at the really busy meetings when you can't get round to see everyone. Take a look at your next meeting and see how many people are browsing the bumf table.

Are you looking for a new banner? Want to talk to someone about it?