Paula Pimblott
Beautiful Betsy
Promoting. Posted: 09 Jul, 19

Hair You Wear * Beautiful Betsy

Hair loss is devastating whatever your gender but for women its a taboo subject that nobody talks about but everybody notices. Here at Beautiful Betsy our mission is to cut through all the nonsense and simply provide a practical, comfortable and undetectable solution that women can wear, gain confidence in their appearance and get on with their lives.

Our real hair clip in toppers and enhancers are designed and worn by us (yes, I lost most of my luscious locks about 10 years ago) so we know how miserable and isolating it can be and use just the right amount of empathy and honesty required to enable women to take back control.

Its not easy to approach someone you love or know well and tell them about Betsy but we promise that if you do they will emerge with great hair, more confidence and love you forever :-)

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