Sheena Whyatt
KAPOW! Your Personal Branding Programme
Promoting. Posted: 09 Jul, 19

Do you struggle with pricing your product or service?

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If you struggle to price your services then this is the workshop for you.

Knowing how much to charge your clients can be difficult for many of us. Price yourself too low and you risk clients not respecting your abilities and working yourself into the ground. Price yourself too high and you might struggle to get any clients at all.

Figuring out how much to charge clients is one of the hardest but essentially one of the most important things you can do. It can also be a real worry & distraction from the important stuff, like growing our businesses.

Pricing is something that you need to embrace as part of your personal brand and also have the confidence to re-evaluate regularly - fortunately, I have some tips that I'd like to pass on to you.

In this workshop we'll look at results driven hints to help you determine how much to charge, & simple strategies to plan for growth.

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