Julie Farmer
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Promoting. Posted: 15 Jul, 19

Womens Oral History

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I created the Woman Oral History Project to help promote, record and recognise the contribution women have made to our society. We are not against men and we are not saying that the history of men and women is not as important. The majority of history that is recorded is gender specific and class orientated (in the UK). What we are saying is that that the history of women, in their everyday lives is not recognised or recorded. My fear is that if we don't record this history then it will get lost and we will never know what our grand mothers, great grandmothers, aunts, mothers, sisters and daughters have done.

If you or your ancestors would like to take part or you have a wonderful story about one of your female relatives please record their history here. Together we can keep them alive. Together we can learn from their experiences and together we will remember that we have a strong history to be proud of.