Steven Wade
Family Law Assistance
Promoting. Posted: 15 Jul, 19

Represent yourself in divorce, child contact and finance disputes

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A divorce, child contact or financial dispute can be expensive and damaging.

When it happens business owners often see their companies suffer while dealing with stressful personal circumstances, lack of certainty about the future and expenses that far exceed the norm.

This combination be toxic. It doesn't have to be.

You have a legal right to represent yourself and be assisted by someone like me. I'm a McKenzie Friend - a paralegal - with over a decade of experience assisting people around the country all the way up to the Royal Courts of Justice.

I work as part of a team assisting with the process from start to finish - from advising when mediation is needed to being with you in a trial. With me by your side we'll be a powerful team - your passion for your situation and encyclopedic knowledge of your own situation - and me with over a decade of experience assisting people in the court.

And as we work on a `pay as you go' system you can pick and mix what help you need too. We can help by checking your paperwork or just a meeting before you go to court all the way through to doing just about everthing too.

It's that simple. It starts with a conversation. Our number is 0117 290 0274. Call us for an initial phone consultation and we'll see what help you need.

Steven Wade