Claire Bone
Marketing and project management support
Promoting. Posted: 24 Jul, 19

Communications in print and digital media

Branding, exhibitions, presentations, marketing collaterall, websites, stationery

Do you fit into any of these scenarios?

  • Are You an entrepreneur/ start up company looking for a logo or some stationery – or you may be looking to take the next step to communicate with a slightly wider, audience?

  • Time flies when you're enjoying... has your business has grown over the last 5/10 years - does your 'brand' or key message still reflect the business you have become?

  • Are you working with business partners - under one company name but in different areas, do you have consistent messaging, or presentation material? does your company need alignment to give your company more presence in a competitive market?

Finally - We often see different divisions of one overall business sending out different messages which need aligning so that the company’s brand and strategy is strong and consistent to the outside world.

My experience has given me access to specialist advisors, copywriters & creative teams, I’d meet and discuss initial thoughts with you, then bring in the right people to tailor and connect with particular needs - saving you the ‘search’ time.

I’d be with you every step of your communications journey, through to delivery- keeping you involved every step.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, do give me a call to discuss and see if we can help.

Thank you for reading.