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Promoting. Posted: 24 Jul, 19

Beautiful Bradford on Avon

launch breakfast

So for the last four years or so networking has had a huge impact on my life since I became involved with 4N, two meetings in I was seconded onto the team at Trowbridge for what was then the marketing co-ordinator, I then became GL of Trowbridge before things got quite busy at Fussels HQ.

The reason we got busy was quite simple, I met someone at a 4N meeting who pointed me in the direction of another organisation whereby I won the opportunity to pitch our business to Sainsbury’s. Well you wouldn’t believe it but we only went on to be listed in over 500 stores all as a result of a 10 minute 1-2-1 meeting at 4N Trowbridge. But that’s not all, another member informed me of another avenue which eventually lead to a listing with Morrison’s for a further 300 stores. As you can imagine I had to step down for a while, because at the same time we launched 4NFrome, still the only meeting in the network where the team hosts, cooks and serves your breakfast, excellent eggs I believe. If I take into consideration the many product sales to members up and down the country that I have had the good fortune to meet during this time, and of course the members who have visited our premises at Fussels HQ near Frome, you will see that the 4N really has worked for me!

So why am I telling you this? Well just recently I have taken over as AL for Bath and Northeast Somerset. As well as hosting Frome I now look after Big Bath Breakfast and Brilliant Bath City evening and we are about to Launch Beautiful Bradford on Avon and it is this that I want to tell you about.

On the 5th September we will be launching at the superb Cumberwell Park Golf Club.

Please get yourself booked in or simply reply YES to this email and I’ll do the rest.

Best regards