Mike Dyson
Promoting. Posted: 25 Jul, 19


credit control, business finance

57% of UK businesses in a recent survey said they suffered from continuing late payment of invoices. 27% of all UK businesses fail due to cash flow issues

Effective credit control is an essential part of running a business , an area that all too often businesses do not pay enough attention to.

You can sell the best goods, provide the very best service, work the hardest but if you are not getting paid it doesn't make any difference how good you are, how good your service or products- payment - cash is the key to a successful business. What would your business look like if you raised invoices for say £100,000 and within 24 hours £80,000 of that was in your bank account?? What difference to your business would that make? What discounts could you obtain by paying your suppliers early?

Let the experts here at Dynamic Outsourced Credit Control work with your business, helping you achieve more effective credit control and bringing in RESULTS- IN SIMPLE WORDS CASH IN THE BANK.

Our expert team of credit professionals have a combined 75 years of experience and expertise- unrivaled in this industry, having worked for major organisations over the course of their career. Seen and heard every excuse under the sun, dealt successfully with every single conceivable reason for non payment.

Professional, speedy service that GETS results email info@dynamicbusinessresources.co.uk or call 07712 189929 for further information