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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) Specialists

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QGate are specialists in CRM, having worked in CRM for over 20 years. We start by helping you prepare for your CRM project providing the free guidance and advice.

How to prepare for CRM

We offer a series of articles to help you ready yourself for CRM

The QGate CRM Success Program

We have a structured approach to implementing CRM. The initial phases are deliberately technology agnostic, this means whatever CRM solution you are considering, you can follow these phases and benefit. is an overview of the program.

Are you ready for CRM?

If you want to see if your have your ducks inline before you start take our CRM Readiness Assessment.

We can help at any point of the preparation.

Once you are ready and you want to consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a solution, we can help there also!