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Looking4. Posted: 06 Aug, 19

Contact Centres and SME who need help with people process and technology challenges

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The cost of disengaged employees averages out at £3.4k for every 10K of salary spent, now scale that up to your workforce and then ask your self how well you measure engagement in your workforce?

Over 50% of business' don't have a clearly mapped out sales process and don't monitor adherance to this?

How many times have you sat and looked at your balance sheet thinking how do we win more business or reduce costs.

This is where FAB solutions can help with business consulting on your process's, people and technology to understand pain points for your customers and your people. We support you with training and leadership development, we are business consultants that roll up our sleeves and get immersed in your business.

if you know anyone in the contact centre or SME space who needs an extra pair of hands we can help