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Promoting. Posted: 10 Aug, 19

Free Remarketing book (Kindle) - ends Tuesday 13th Aug

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Have you heard of 'remarketing', but have no idea how it works? Grab my book 'Maze Remarketing: The 80/20 Approach to Profitable Multi-Channel Retargeting Ads'. 100% free on Kindle until Tues 13th August.

Book link is

Things you'll learn in the book:

  • What remarketing is and how it works, in plain-English
  • The difference between remarketing and retargeting
  • How to advertise on ALL the main ad platforms, without blowing your ads budget
  • How to leverage your expertise and prioritize your efforts
  • How to look like a national ‘brand advertiser’, with a small budget
  • How to get started with little existing website traffic
  • How long to remarket for
  • Which ad platforms to start with (and why)
  • When to sell, and when to nurture
  • When to incorporate LinkedIn and Twitter
  • What to offer in your ads
  • How to beat writer’s block, and write ads that stand out
  • How to track conversions across platforms
  • How to get started with remarketing today, without feeling overwhelmed

Once again the link is