David Baum
Looking4. Posted: 21 Aug, 19

Part time fundraising post

Grants, fundraising, sponsorship, commission

Aparently we are all only 6 steps away from the person we need to meet. I would like to put this to the test.

As everyone knows, or I hope knows The 365 Challenge is changing to The 365 Challenge UK, which we hope by the end of October will become a registered charity.

We are currently a Not For Profit Ltd company and as such Corporate Sponsorship will not be available until we become a registered charity. However, I am aware that there are a large number of grants available for Not For Profit companies and this is where I need your help.

I need to be introduced to someone that understands this area, which grants are available and how to apply for them. At the moment, we have no money to pay anyone a salary but we will be happy to pay a fee from any grants obtained.

So who do you know that would like to help us apply. It could be someone who has semi retired or even someone who has been a professional fundraiser or someone that has applied for grants in the past. If you can help or introduce anyone please message me.