Amanda Beylkin
Amanda Beylkin
Promoting. Posted: 07 Oct, 19

Grow your business with hashtags - find out how!

Social media, marketing, instagram, twitter, digital marketing

Used strategically – & with the right content – hashtags can help you grow your brand... without having to spend a small fortune on advertising.

If you're ready to get your social media posts & your brand in front of the right audience online, my 1.5 hour workshop is for you. Held on Tuesday October 29th from 6:30pm - 8pm, you can choose to attend the workshop in person at Work.Life Camden (£49 per person) in London or opt for an online ticket (£39 per person), where you'll join us live via Zoom.

After this workshop, you'll know how to: * Use hashtags & content to help your brand grow. * Better understand your audience on social media. * Choose the right content & hashtags. * Avoid the most common hashtag mistakes. * Perform hashtag research & track hashtags.

To find out more or book your place, get in touch or view How to Grow your Business with Hashtags.