Richard Olding
E File Limited
Promoting. Posted: 06 Oct, 18

Employee Benefits

HR, Free Benefits Grwth

Do your staff and clients deserve that little bit extra in the form of a benefit package covering Discounts, Emergency Incidence Guidance, Emergency First Aid, Medical Concerns and Avoiding Financial Pitfalls information. All this is delivered on our website and Mobile APP offering them the opportunity to access and benefit when they want. It allow you to promote your business and any discount offers you may have at the same time. Users will also have that comfort factor that if they add the site to the families phones then if they come across an emergency situation they have a fall back guide should no one else be there to support them. We hope this is not the case but if it was it could even save a life or prevent a problem.. We charge a fee for advertising ( 50% goes to Cancer Charities,) and we ask that you let us promote by either a circular or a session in your office reception to raise the importance of taking care of and understanding Pension and Health issues.( we have a 12 point questionaire) If they do deserve this benefit and you want the opportunity to advertise and promote your business across the 4networking group, and potentially their clients and employees then we want to hear from you. If your stalling then would it help if I added its Free apart from the nominal advertising fees