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Driving Tip

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Do you know how to check your tyres?

Do you know that 39% of peopke are driving on a damaged or incorrectly inflated tyre?

5% of drivers are driving on s punctured tyre.

I ask drivers would they pass their driving test again if they took it today 90% say no. I am here then to help you all to change that to YES.

If your using your car for work then it should be checked daily. Who is responsible for the vehicle? Yes, you, the driver. By checking regular you will know that your vehicle will not get into causing problems for you, making you late, miss the meeting, miss the sale, miss that opportunity you have been waiting for.

WHAT TO CHECK FOR? There should be no Cuts or Bulges in the side walls, there should be a minimum Tread depth of 1.6mm across the whole tyre. You can check the pressures for the tyres on your vehicle in the vehicle handbook or on the plate inside the door frame or inside the fuel cap.

Checking regular and keeping the right pressures will help you keep safe and get to where your going but save you fuel money also.

PLEASE let me know if dropping driving tips in here is what you would like to see more.

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