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Looking4. Posted: 08 Oct, 18

4Sighters for the Croydon Breakfast event


4Sight Presenters needed for the 4N Croydon Breakfast group#

Are you a 4N Passport member in the South East? Want to get more out of your 4N membership?

Delivering 4Sight presentations is the best way to get seen, heard and known. Let's face it, during the 40-second round you are either eating, working out what you're going to say or wondering whether what you said was effective - so you're not really listening to others. Of course, the same goes for everyone else. Unless you are the Group Leader, only during the 4Sight do you have the undivided attention of everyone in the room - for a solid 20 minutes!

It so happens that we have some empty 4Sight slots coming up at the Croydon Breakfast group - including 31st October! So if you can think of a Halloween-themed talk that showcases your skills, this is a perfect opportunity...

Contact Richard Peers or Wayne Trice for more information.