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Promoting. Posted: 08 Oct, 18

Need to update your mobile?

iPhone, update

I've recently replaced my iPhone (needed more memory) and have a mint condition, fully working iPhone 6 16G Space Grey for sale. Have looked on eBay for an idea of price, people are selling very poor condition phones with scratched glass and backs for circa £125.00 I bought mine directly from Apple and it has been housed in an i-blason case from day one. The transparent case is marked on the back, but of course, this means the phone isn't! Charger plug and cable included, case can also be included if you would like it, ear buds not included for hygiene reasons!! Not locked to any network, I also have a £10 pay as you go 30 day bundle Vodaphone sim which I can include (came with the new iPhone) Any takers for £125.00 - will send by tracked post at no further cost. Thanks