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Promoting. Posted: 11 Oct, 18

Did you get a Fine?

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Do you drive for your business?

This week I was able to arrange a tour of Highways England Northwest Control Centre.

A wonderful place that has teams actively watching and monitoring the network 24/7 365 days a year.

They stated that 30000 drivers have gone past a red X above the lane in the last year. Most of them are business drivers.

Are these your drivers? Is this your company vehicle going past a Red X? Are your vehicles signed up with your company logo on?

Letters of warning are currently sent out but if you get three it goes to a fine. This is the transition from the point they are endorsing the Red X lane rule, Do not pass this point in this lane. Why? It is for your safety and the safety of the men/women working on the carriageway. It may be a broken down vehicle, it maybe debris, it maybe work crews. What ever the reason be safe and keep the workers safe.

Now three letter warning are being sent out, after the third it will be a fine. Until they stop sending letters of warning.

But if 30000 vehicles being driven passed a Red X, how else are your drivers driving your vehicles?

To find out why not have them assessed or implement some driver training.

Drop me a message now to see how we can help you checking over your company drivers.