The team roles

Here's a brief look at each of these. If one looks like it could suit you, and you're currently a Passport member, then we'd love to have you on board. Any current team vacancies are shown on each group's pages.

  • Regional Leader (RL): Regions vary in size, but are often county-wide. Each RL supports and develops their region.
  • Area Leader (AL): Typically an Area is 2-4 groups and the AL works with their group teams to grow their membership.
  • Group Leader (GL): If leading and energising every meeting sounds like your sort of skill, then GL could be for you.
  • Group Coordinator (GC): Ensures every meeting runs smoothly and efficiently. If organisational skills are your strength, then GC is for you.
  • Deputy Group Leader (DGL):  When you go to a 4N meeting for the first time, there can be a lot to take in. So, the DGL is there to guide you through every aspect of the meeting.  

On the meeting pages for each group you'll find details of the hard-working teams that deliver buzzing meetings every time.

Need help? The 4N Support Desk is here for you!

Based at 4NHQ in Taunton, the Support Desk team can answer any queries about 4N and your membership. 

The team are available on 0345 123 4444 during office hours: 9-5, Monday-Friday or by email: supportdesk@4networking.bizBefore contacting us, it's worth checking to see if we've already answered your question on our FAQ page.


  • Di Timberlake
    Office Manager/Financial Controller
  • Max Turner
    Accounts/Support Desk
  • Della Curran
    Senior Support Desk Advisor
  • Leesa Chambers
    Support Desk Advisor
  • Anna Foxx Neal
    PA to Directors


  • Terry Cooper
    Chairman and Development Director

    Terry has steered much of the development of 4N to where it is today and he’s continuing to develop new 4N initiatives, all designed to benefit 4N members.

  • Brad Burton

    Don't let the jeans and t-shirt fool you - Brad can give you the sharpest advice you'll find on how to get your business moving. Author, inspirational speaker, media pundit, tireless 4Networker, check out

  • Pippa Hodge
    Operations Director

    Although newly appointed in her role, Pippa has actually done the hard initiation already... having worked closely with Brad for the past three years!

    She's delighted to be looking after the day to day operations and her positivity is so infectious it will filter through the network!

Network Leaders

  • Jen Hinds
    Network Driver

    Jen works with the Regional Leaders to support and develop the regions. Jen's business is Always Oarsome and that's a great way to describe Jen's energy and enthusiasm! Need help in launching a new 4N group? Jen is the expert!

  • John Raine
    Senior Regional Leader

    John has been involved in running 4N groups and teams since 4N started back in 2006. He now uses this wealth of experience to support and advise other Regional Leaders.

Your Regional Leader

Look at the locations below to find the RL nearest to you. If you’d like to start a new 4N group, then your RL would love to hear from you! There are always opportunities for launching new groups in new locations, or at new times. Also, if you have an issue which you’ve not been able to resolve via your local Group Team or AL, then please contact your RL.