1: A friendly welcome

When you arrive, we'll talk you through the meeting format and introduce you to other people.

4Networking Open Networking

2: Open networking

Gently ease into the meeting by having a drink and a chat with anyone you like.

4Networking 40-seconds round

3: 40-Second round

Everyone gets the opportunity to tell the room about themselves and their business, all in 40 seconds, in a supportive and attentive environment.

4Networking 4Sight

4: 4Sight presentation

You'll love this - a 20-min presentation by a 4N member that's an interesting insight and NEVER a sales pitch

4Networking 1-2-1s

5: Three 1-2-1 MEETINGS

The perfect finale - you will have chosen earlier, 3 people to chat with in more depth. Make the most of these 10-min conversations, each one could be gold. 

4Networking joining form

6: Meeting wrapped up

That's it - if you've enjoyed the meeting, you can talk to a 4N team member about how to join, to get unlimited access to 4N meetings. 

  • Breakfast
    08:00 to 10:00
  • Lunch
    12:00 to 14:00
  • Evening
    18:00 to 20:00