• Having met Martyn through 4N, I decided to book a session with him on some Sales challenges that I was facing. Not only did Martyn give insightful & experienced advice on those issues, but he made me step back & review all of my processes & opportunities. Awesome chap & highly recommended. Thanks.
  • I highly recommend Martyn Sloman. He is a very enthusiastic and motivational Business Owner who is full of brilliant ideas. I respect him as he tells it as it is rather than telling you what he thinks you would want to hear. He is also very supportive and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble.
  • Whenever I meet Martyn at a 4N meeting I make a b-line to book a 1-2-1 appointment with him as he has given me a few great sales tips in those little meetings! Little Gold Dust nuggets that not only help improve business but keep you thinking all week! Thanks Martyn
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