What I Offer…

I'm Martyn "the YES! man" Sloman and I run Gold Dust Training. You're looking at my profile because you/ the people you are responsible for need to get better at sales. There are three reasons why you/ your team are not reaching their sales potential:

►Ineffective planning before calling/ meeting their Prospect/ customer.
►The need to ask better questions
►Establishing the next action in line with the Prospect/ customer's agenda and time scale  

These are the factors that cause 60% of activity in pipelines to stall. It can be improved though! I help individuals, business owners and sales teams to increase their effectiveness by providing  workshops and coaching in the following sales activities:

►Telesales►Telemarketing►Tele-appointing►Field Sales►Sales Team Leadership ►Sales Management

The outcome leads to increased confidence: so you can deal with challenges and create opportunities► Increased skill levels: so you become more effective ►Increased confidence in those skills: so the results become bigger, better, more consistent and last. 

Get better at sales: ☎ call "the YES!man" 07580 894232

Why I’m good at what I do…

Here's some personal stuff: Dad of 3, big Star Wars fan, love fresh strong coffe, Lowenbrau beer, disco soul and funk music, playing bass guitar- was in a party band.

My values: I believe in "succeeding through others' success" focus on their payoffs and help them get what they need to be happy! Proudly helped loads of people get promoted this way! 

Flexibility is important so I like working with lots of people from all kinds of businesses doing all kinds of sales!

Sales people need to have their time treated with respect. I help salespeople/ business owners find successful ways to do things within their sales process they are not currently doing. And make them more efffective in the right way for them! 

Or there's no charge, would love to hear from you about your sales challenges. Even if you think you aren't in sales!



  • Having met Martyn through 4N, I decided to book a session with him on some Sales challenges that I was facing. Not only did Martyn give insightful & experienced advice on those issues, but he made me step back & review all of my processes & opportunities. Awesome chap & highly recommended. Thanks.
  • I highly recommend Martyn Sloman. He is a very enthusiastic and motivational Business Owner who is full of brilliant ideas. I respect him as he tells it as it is rather than telling you what he thinks you would want to hear. He is also very supportive and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble.
  • Whenever I meet Martyn at a 4N meeting I make a b-line to book a 1-2-1 appointment with him as he has given me a few great sales tips in those little meetings! Little Gold Dust nuggets that not only help improve business but keep you thinking all week! Thanks Martyn
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