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  • Martyn did a superb 4sight at our Lyme Regis group recently; talking about the gift of encouragement. Martyn was entertaining, informative and illustrated beautifully the importance of encouragement (especially in marriage!) as well as persistence - both in business and in life. Thanks Martyn!
  • Martyn's ability to help you focus and understand where you need to be in life and business are exceptional, Martyn's enthusiasm, ability & passion to help other always shine through. His 4Sight in Exeter recently delivered a brilliant insight to his skills. Look no further for your coach Well done
  • I was lucky enough to attend Martyn’s workshop, 2 hours of packed content flew by, Martyn is an engaging speaker, which makes learning easier, and more fun. Being a newbie to sales I found that the content was exactly what I needed to get out there and start selling. Great seminar!
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  • Sales Training & Consultancy

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Last online 15th Jan 2020
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