What I Offer…

Access by Design is an award-winning website design company that specialises in designing and building bespoke websites that are mobile, tablet and especially Google-friendly! Read more about our approach in the next box!

Nearly 4 years ago, we took one of our bespoke websites and developed it into an "off the shelf" website called Run Your Own Website . This has exactly the same build quality as our bespoke websites but for a fraction of the price! Over the last 4 years this product has expanded and now includes WooCommerce with our Option 5 version!

In the 13 years we have been in business, we have NEVER bought a template from a 3rd party, we always code our own, If you want to know why, read below!

Why I’m good at what I do…

Google is Blind. If your website works for blind people it will work well for Google. Simple.

Our websites have always been inclusive. Why? Easy. Whether you are someone on a phone or a tablet, whether you are blind or find using a mouse difficult or whether you are on a regular computer, there is one thing in common.

You use the Web because you want to spend money with someone who can provide the product or service you are looking for.

When it come to making that choice, where will you go? What influences your decision about whether to stay on a website for longer or just go elsewhere?

Well, I always use the example of a branch of Boots in Chichester. The store itself is on the ground floor only, with level access. They have three sets of glass doors to get in and out. Two of these sets of doors are manual doors, the other set of doors open automatically.

If you are in a wheelchair, which of these sets of doors are you going to go through?
If you are a parent with a child in a pushchair? Which door would you use then?
If you have gone into Boots, spent a lot of money and are carrying loads of shopping bags in the way out, which door would you use then?

Obviously, in each case, the answer is the automatic door. This is because it is easier and yet only one of those three people actually are disabled.

Now apply this principle to the Web.

By making your website easy to use for everyone, regardless of their needs, you will get more people staying on your website for longer and getting more business. It isn’t complicated, people just like to feel comfortable and our website design techniques put that first, always.

Whether you are looking for a bespoke website or a lower cost “off the shelf” website, if we build it, Google will love it!

I love meeting people and I really love networking. There's just something so lovely about spending time with like-minded people who can support you and sharpen you, allowing you to do the same in return.

Member Testimonials

  • After our 121 at the Battle meeting, Clive got in touch to offer me a free audit of my website and came back to me with a very thorough report. He then went above and beyond, offering to give me a call and talk me through the results. Our call was so helpful and has given me some great ideas!
  • I have had the pleasure in working with Clive's business for a number of months now and I cant not fault his business. The experience and advice given to my business as been invaluable so thank you. I wouldn't hesitate in recommend Access by design or Run your own website to anyone
  • Always makes lots of sense when talking about what's needed for an effective website that will generate business opportunities.

What I do

  • Website Design
  • Knows A LOT about Google!
  • Hosting
  • e-commerce

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Last online 30th May 2020
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