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Are you concerned about Absenteeism & Presenteeism in your company? Do you have a Mental health policy in place? Are you aware of your responsibilities when it comes to recognising Mental health in the workplace?

TK Maxx thought they were, Until a tribunal ruled against them, even though one of their managers was fired for gross misconduct after he punched a customer.

1 in 6 people are thought to suffer with mental health issues. Think about that in terms of your business; how many staff do you have? (Based on 100 staff) That’s 17% of your workforce that may be dealing with exhaustion, stress, depression, grief, anxiety, addiction, drug abuse, self-harm and thoughts of suicide. It is estimated that 2 million adults in the UK have an alcohol addiction. TWO MILLION. 10% of men and 4% of women have an alcohol dependency. . These are not scare tactics, these are the facts. Have you considered how well you really know your employees or team mates? Do you really know what they are dealing with, if they are suffering or struggling, and have you thought about your responsibility and duty of care?

Dave’s workshops are informative, intensive sessions that breakdown the fundamentals to Mental Health and Wellness and arm you with knowledge and exercises to protect your staff and your business. I have also developed a Unique Mental health and wellbeing membership scheme which includes regular workshops and training sessions from myself, Wellbeing days, a dedicated support line for your staff ensuring they are listened too when they need it most, I also will provide a bespoke Mental Health policy for your workplace as a reduced rate should you join the scheme.

When businesses start to care about their employee’s health, wonderful things happen. Employees feel valued, important and really excel in their personal development. Successful team members are essential for a successful business.

Get in touch now and let me support you. 07824513120

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  • Dave is an excellent speaker and clearly very good at what he does. I recently heard him giving a presentation to Business Colleagues which went into various key areas of his life and how we deal with Severe Challenges. He had the group totally captivated and we were all moved by his experiences, hi
  • Having listened to Dave's 4sight today at 4N Chester lunch, I was really moved, it was honest, emotional, inspiring, thoroughly thought-provoking and a must see talk! Dave has such an amazing story and I know I've taken something important away to reflect on from it. Thanks Dave!
  • Emotive, poignant and powerful! David 4Sighted for my group in November 2018 and I have to say I was blown away. His story is incredible but the way he tells it and the structured and powerful way he presents it really did leave an impact. I only book the best 4Sights. I'm glad I didn't fail here.
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  • Inspirational Speaker & Business Mentor
  • Leadership Coaching and Consultancy

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