What I Offer…

Typically, my clients are the self-employed and business owners. Who have the challenge of being unable to create the work/life balance they really want. They may feel overworked and overwhelmed by their daily activities and might even feel stressed, a little annoyed and frustrated from not doing all the work they know they should.

I partner with them to create and maintain that work/life balance they prefer. Working together, I get them more organised and help with motivation, so they can do more of the work they know they can. With the aid of my naturopathic nutritionist, we can also increase their energy levels through healthy nutrition. Which increases their daily productivity, creating more efficient and effective outcomes.

Why I’m good at what I do…

My role as a Lifestyle Coach is to encourage business owners and professionals to balance a healthy lifestyle with their successful business or career. Together creating healthy successful nutritional solutions for those who wish to improve their health, increase energy. concentration and focus or to lose weight. This can help with business productivity and stem fatigue while they work. They can get more from their working day with the feeling of it being an easier, lighter and more enjoyable. Giving them a sense of well-being, calmness and peace while working at their place of business.


What I do

  • Personal Development and Corporate Training
  • Leadership Coaching and Consultancy
  • Performance Coaching and Consultancy
  • Healthy Lifestyle Coaching
  • Healthy Lifestyle Coaching for Business

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