What I Offer…

Sales doesn't have to be a chore especially when you learn to love it.

You have a brilliant service or product but you're not sure how to get it to market.

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Why I’m good at what I do…

27 years in sales and marketing, I cut through the BS and find a route to market fast

Things I like…

Food, good company, walks on the beach oh wait it's not a dating site.

I love connecting with people and enjoy celebrating their successes

Member Testimonials

  • I had a quick call with Michael a few days ago and gave me some good pointers as to get my business going I did have the pleasure of meeting him at an event a few weeks ago and I cannot thank him for the advice he as given me and want to sat hes a top bloke thanks again Michael
  • Michael's foresight at Chester Lunch 4N today, was a simple strategy to recognize why we all Network and how to overcome obstacles. Thank you for your 1-2-1, and the poem is pride of place on my office wall. There is a real warmth about Michael, that shows in his foresight, Thank you
  • Watched Michael on Periscope at 4N Preston and I did my first meditation, which was very relaxing and energising. Michael has an amazing talent and well worth booking for corporate events for de stress days for staff, which will benefit your company's productiveness and be a responsible employer....
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What I do

  • Helping the introverted love sales
  • Meditation Relaxation and Stress Management
  • Business brainstorm
  • Marketing strategy 

My Stats

Last online 19th Aug 2019
Member since 15th Aug 2014
Number of testimonials 8
Meetings attended 64
4N ranking 862 in the UK

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