What I Offer…

guide and assist people through the sales process

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have years of experience and i have made all the mistakes myself.

Things I like…

Blues based guitar and rock music.

Member Testimonials

  • Steve is the Sales guru. His knowledge and understanding of different sectors is outstanding. I highly recommend Steve to help you if you are stuck in a rut when it comes to selling, he is definitely the man to go too! Thanks Steve for all your help, it is much appreciated!
  • Steve is a sales god! He's helped me look at this vital part of my business and has a big impact on how I've done things - advice that is simple, effective and logical (once he's pointed it out to you anyway!) If you want to up your game in this are he's the man to speak to.
  • Steve is what I’d describe as a gentleman salesman. His way with people is 2nd to none and you can’t help but to like him. If you want to generate sales leads then Steve is my recommended go-to-guy.

What I do

  • Sales & Profit Growth
  • Business and management Consulting
  • Business consultancy training and coaching

My Stats

Last online 29th Jun 2020
Member since 11th Feb 2015
Number of testimonials 1
Meetings attended 617
4N ranking 75 in the UK

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