What I Offer…

Launched a FreakinGlobal Internet Radio station in 2017 , Duggystone Radio
we are an artist station promoting emerging artist and presenters. A range of shows from New country , Jazz, biker Shows, reggae and the sports show on a Saturday.

My mission is to change the perception of dyslexia so the more well known I can affect more people

We also provide Academy courses in things like Podcasting and presenting through to Beat-mastering mixing and setting up your own internet radio station.

Why I’m good at what I do…

From Manchester you'll notice the accent am sure when we meet.

Had a very varied background career wise and at 44 discovering I was dyslexic I

Quit My Job

Started a Biz

Went to Uni

Graduated in 2012 with a Masters Degree in "Global Entrepreneurship" which I am extremely proud of.

Father to 3 boys (you see my youngest networking with me Nathan) I am also a Grandad now.

I get a buzz from developing people seeing them grow and in turn the companies they work for .

My passion and mission is to encourage more dyslexics to become entrepreneurs, if you know a Dyslexic give them confidence "they will do the rest"

Things I like…

Music (yeah no shit) , video , riding my motorcycle to name a few

Member Testimonials

  • Kirk is one of those really inspirational, positive people, who has a superb story to tell. He has overcome the barriers created by others to show that being dyslexic is an asset to being an entrepreneur. I would recommend listening and supporting him to educate others.
  • Kirk is brilliant. He's the life and soul of a 4N meeting. His 4Sight on Dyslexics is well worth seeing and if you're in the Warwickshire area you should really go and have breakfast at his fab Leamington Breakfast 4N. Kirk is a breath of fresh air - go share some inspiration with him!
  • See that Kirk Pickstone, he's bloody good at what he does, despite the fact that he has got a shite profile picture, northern fellow very passionate about spreading the word about dyslexia & entrepreneurship, A very engaging and genuine speaker.
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What I do

  • Public Speaking
  • Dyslexia Awareness 
  • Podcast Training 
  • 4Networking Leader
  • Art Events

My Stats

Last online 25th Oct 2018
Member since 12th May 2015
Number of testimonials 14
Meetings attended 216

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