What I Offer…

A thorough business background after almost 37 years of a Lloyds banking career with the last decade or so, leading commercial teams. I have run my own business too, so understand how challenging that can be from a start-up perspective.

Connecting others to people they need to meet and from whom the business relationship will benefit comes naturally... I connect people!

My network is wide across the county with an obvious focus on Uckfield but I know the Hastings community well too.

My Charity Mentor work opens doors into the Third sector where I am also well connected.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have strong presentation skills and I enjoy meeting people - I'd rather be with others than work alone!

I have a wealth of experience both in the corporate world with Lloyds and the private sector running a franchised business. My Business Connector year in 2013 introduced me to the Third Sector and the opportunity to SMEs and Microbiz sized organisations to make a difference within their local communities.

Things I like…

Crystal Palace Football Club - not too much else matters at the weekends between August and May!

What I do

  • Business Assistance
  • Business Networking
  • Business support

My Stats

Last online 16th Mar 2020
Member since 9th Aug 2015
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Meetings attended 131
4N ranking 1008 in the UK

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