What I Offer…

Transcend Zero offers a professional copywriting service for individuals and businesses as well as the umbrella for Sammy Rambles, the internationally acclaimed series of children's books about a boy who goes to a dragon school.

Please get in touch if you would like any help with the following:

  • Content for websites, newsletters, press releases
  • Audio transcription
  • Confidential minute taking (in person or via audio file)
  • Proofreading
  • Ghostwriting (blogs, books)
  • CV writing/updating and interview advice

New for 2018 are Dragon Talks, Writing Workshops and Dragonball sessions!

Designed for schools, libraries and other organisations wishing to learn more about how the Sammy Rambles books were written, published and promoted, to inspire writing and creativity, teamwork, communication, fitness and 'giving something back'.

Please get in touch if this would be suitable for your school, library or organisation.

Dragon Talks - Learn more about how the Sammy Rambles books were written using pen and paper. Find out how you can write your own story and how to get it published and read by a worldwide audience. Dragon Talks are typically an hour, including time for many questions. These are suitable for children (Y1 - Y6) and adults, with the content adapted for the age of the audience.

Writing Workshops - Designed for 121 coaching or small groups of adults or children. Learn how to add depth and detail to your story to make it engaging and exciting for the reader. This is a series of 5 workshops where participants learn how to create characters, plot, locations, timelines and underlying reasons for your short stories and novels.

Dragonball Sessions - Possibly the most exciting game that doesn't exist! Dragonball (the sport played in the Sammy Rambles books) is a hybrid of football, rugby and netball, played on a tennis court sized grass pitch. An all-inclusive sport for everyone. Participants can kick or throw any of the seven balls in play, passing to players on their team to score goals. Photos of recent Dragonball Tournaments are available at www.facebook.com/sammyrambles

Why I’m good at what I do…

Thanks for having a look at my profile, I'm known as the Dragon Lady within 4Networking because of the Sammy Rambles books I've written about a boy who goes to a dragon school. I started writing at a really young age, creating stories for Playmobile and Lego characters and scribbling them on scraps of paper so I could remember what had happened when the toys had to go back in the box. This evolved through school and into adult life where I started writing for other people, creating website content, newsletter content, writing CVs for people looking for jobs, taking confidential board minutes and writing press releases. I still do this, however through 4N I've had the opportunity to get the confidence to self-publish my Sammy Rambles books, to seek out craft fairs, literary festivals, speaking events, to take my books into schools, finding new readers and pursuing my dream of getting the books made into a TV series or Hollywood film. If you like castles, dragons and fantasy adventures, please have a look at the free sample chapters at www.sammyrambles.com. If you need anything written for your business, technical, medical, generic, please contact me through www.transcendzero.co.uk.

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Member Testimonials

  • Met Jenny at the 4N big breakfast. Has a nice chat and she showed me one of her books. Sammy Rambles and the Floating Circus. I loved it, only problem was I couldn’t put it down. It’s the first time in ages I have spent the entire day ignoring work and reading it from cover to cover.
  • Jenny is a key team member in the South West helping to bring serious vibrancy to our Exeter group. Plus she's been instrumental in launching our new Lyme Regis group. Her creativity spans across copy writing services plus she's published 4 Dragon based fantasy novels!

What I do

  • Content Creation
  • Author of children's books
  • Author and Speaker

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Last online 25th Feb 2020
Member since 20th Aug 2015
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