What I Offer…

Barry Mitchell, author of 'Mortgages Made Simple', has many years' experience in sales, business and finance. Working with the Sales Masters Guild and Lightside Financial, he uses this eclectic mix to help people and businesses become debt-free in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of pain (Lightside) and helps sole traders and owners of small businesses to create a world-class business model that generates the income to provide the lifestyle they dream about, with a focus on maintaing a sensible work/life balance (Sales Masters Guild). 

In order to make his marketing much simpler, he trades under the name BM Strategist, as everything he does is very structured and strategic, where he can comfortably promote all aspects of his business activities.

Barry, through the Sales Masters Guild, provides business training to sole traders and SME's of a quality that such business often desperately need but is usually outside of their financial reach. The unique business model facilitates providing this service in a way that is easily accessible and comfortably affordable. Whether assisting people to become debt-free or assisting business owners to grow and develop their businesses, Barry works on the very clear understanding that his job is to relieve people of stress and not to add to it. Therefore, working with Barry is a most comfortable, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Whether it is helping people and businesses to get out of debt under my Lightside umbrella or helping to turn around struggling businesses or helping businesses move up to their next stage of growth and development under my Sales Masters Guild umbrella or indulging in my personal passion of teaching martial arts around the world, the common link between them all and what really motivates me, is my passion in improving the lives of other people. There is no greater professional joy than seeing people that you have trained and assisted move towards realising their true potential and being part of their growth and development.

I have over 40 years of sales experience and nearly 20 years of financial experience. I have had my struggles and I have had my successes. As a public speaker, I have presented to well over 25000 people providing financial strategies to maximise the profits to be had from property investments. I have offered specialist sales training programmes for over 30 years and during this time, for a period in excess of 15 years, I ran a very successful specialist business.

I have a family that makes me incredibly proud and now experience the great joy of being a Grandfather. Life doesn't get better than that. 

My personal life, my passions, my skills and my experiences conspire to enable me to present myself as a unique and genuine business strategist and realise my aforementioned goal - to improve the lives of other people and help them to become the best individuals they were destined to be.

  barry@bmstrategist.co.uk                                                                                                                                                                                            barry.mitchell@salesmastersguild.com 

Member Testimonials

  • Barry couldnt have been any more helpful to my wife and i. He spent time making sure he understood our circumstances and genuinely cared. Highly recommend Barry.
  • Barry invited me to this course but I was quite sceptical as to whether it would be of benefit or relevant to me. It was. Barry delivered a very interesting and captivating but informal lecture with full delegate participation. A day well spent.
  • I attended Barry's Business Breakthrough course. It was extremely well delivered with plenty of opportunities to bounce ideas around with fellow delegates. This is a fantastic course for new business startups looking to build their brand the correct way. Barry steers you into a refreshing mindset.

What I do

  • Financial Education 
  • Personal and Business Debt Resolution
  • Webinar Joint Ventures

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