What I Offer…

A caring, positive attitude and a belief that, if you have the will to achieve, you can regardless of the difficulties. I challenge and encourage my clients to find different ways of doing what they find difficult. I congratulate them for their achievements and share their successes with them.

At an initial meeting, we talk for an hour to discover if we can work effectively together and for the client to discover what life and business coaching is like.

All our sessions are completely confidential.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I come with no agenda. My life and previous experience are irrelevant as far as my clients are concerned. It is all about them, what they want to achieve, what is holding them back and how, by thinking and approaching issues differently, the client can use their existing strengths to achieve things they thought were beyond their reach.

Things I like…

Entertaining friends, giving me the opportunity to show off my culinary skills.
Enjoying our retirement home in the Algarve.
Playing bridge & tennis - not at the same time! Following Brighton & Hove Albion.
Singing with Mazing - a choral group based in Mayfield.
Living in East Sussex.

What I do

  • Life & Business Coaching
  • 4Networking Area Leader

My Stats

Last online 9th Dec 2019
Member since 15th Sep 2015
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Meetings attended 367
4N ranking 42 in the UK

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