What I Offer…

We are a holistic health clinic in Epsom, Surrey offering BodyTalk - a science-based whole-healthcare healing system.


We believe that the body is capable of healing itself, under the right conditions. But stress from our day to day running of life, the environment and other factors can compromise this healing, resulting in symptoms of dis-ease or illness in the body.


BodyTalk  allows us to listen to the body's intuitive wisdom about what is slowing it down and then use gentle tapping techniques to alert the brain about what needs to be looked in order to heal quickly and bring about harmony and wellness in the body.


 Instead of focusing on the symptoms of disease, we can address the hidden causes of illness - for long-term healing without the use of medication or any side effects. 


BodyTalk is effective for all types of conditions from physical pain or strain, injury, emotional or mental issues, stress, pre and post surgery etc, health maintenance and for providing insights into your body's current health state for prevention of future illness. My best results come from women and children who are stressed, mentally and physically fatigued and want to renew their energy levels, feel more calm and in control and better cope with it all.


 BodyTalk is safe for people of all ages, the pregnant, women trying to fall pregnant ,babies and the elderly. 


My mission is to help women who are interested in a natural "whole-listic" approach to health and are actively seeking ways to improve their own health and that of their families. I want to support them in connecting better with their body to uncover their body's "whole story" with BodyTalk in order to heal naturally and move from a state of stress to state of harmony and enjoy great health of mind, body and soul.


I am also a Reiki practitioner and I incorporate Reiki into my treatments so you get a unique, integrated experience.


I also offer Distances sessions which are proven to be just as effective, so you can benefit wherever you are in the world.


Experience the amazing benefits of BodyTalk, contact me today!


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Why I’m good at what I do…

I'm a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner since 2008 and I am passionate about natural healing and living a positive life!


I believe in the amazing ability of our body's to self heal. But I understand that with our busy day to day activities, work and responsibilities as women it is difficult to take time off to pause and acknowledge the state of our health - and give our body's all the love and attention it deserves. 


My mission

Is to help women and their children with BodyTalk to connect better with themselves to discover where their health priorities lie - so together we can uncover their body's "whole story" 


If this is something you would like help with please Contact me to discuss how BodyTalk could be the solution you are looking for right now.



My Journey with BodyTalk

I started to go for BodyTalk sessions after being recommended by mum (a Health & Wellness show local radio presenter) and I immediately experienced improvements in my health with the biggest change to my life being not needing to reach for the pill box for simple aches and pains. As such I haven’t taken general antibiotics in over 5 years.  Before BodyTalk I didnt realise there were alternative ways to treat healthissues than seeing a Doctor or popping pills. BodyTalk changed my life and myapproach to well-being and I just want to share this amazing system with the world!

I was completely blown away when attending my very first “Bodytalk Access”course when I learnt simple yet powerful techniques to help myself (and others)heal naturally. From then on, my interest was piqued and there was no going back – I wanted to take my journey with this breakthrough system further.

Later that year I embarked on becoming a Certified Bodytalk practitioner, and have had totally inspiring results from practicing this system to date.


My background is Marketing, Training & Project Management and I have spent 10 good years at a Global corporate. This helps me identify with my clients, many of whom come from high pressured and demanding jobs - I know all about it! 

I left my corporate job recently to focus on BodyTalk as I believe so strongly in its power and want to do all I can to share this with others.


My Training

I have studied BodyTalk in two countries (South Africa and the UK) by the International BodyTalk Association and my training includes:

- BodyTalk Access 
- Body Talk Fundamentals (Modules 1&2) 
- BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration 
- Mindscape 

I plan to continue my learning with further Advanced modules.


I am also a qualified Reiki Practitioner having completed Usui Reiki I and Reiki II and I incorporate Reiki into my sessions so you get an integrated healing session for the best results.


Besides that, I hold a Postgraduate degree in BComm (Honours), specialising in Management, HR and Information systems.


I am fully insured by Holistic Insurance Services.

What I do

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