What I Offer…

I help people to live life with ease and grace, even in the more difficult times.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I've had a personal mindfulness practice since 2005, and taken my life from a place of unfulfilment, anger, addictive patterns, depression, anxiety and some REALLY bad decisions to place a place of inner peace and deep contentment.

I've pretty much seen it all, and approach my clients and students with zero judgement, helping them to look inside and find what really drives them... what lights them up, and what recurring patterns they have that aren't serving them. And together we get them to a place where they step lighter, see more humour in the world, and fully accept themselves exactly as they are.

In short, they find freedom.

Things I like…

Exploring (the inner world and outer world!)
Japanese language and culture

I'm always happy to have a deep philosophical discussion with anyone!

My Stats

Last online 9th Dec 2019
Member since 4th Nov 2015
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Meetings attended 35
4N ranking 137 in the UK

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