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  • Following a training session Terry gave in Milton Keynes it's clear that not only is he a very skilled and knowledgable salesman, but he's also passionate about sharing that knowledge and helping others to succeed. If you get chance to hear Terry speak I'd recommend it- you may just learn something!
  • Terry's knowledge of sales is excellent and his 4Sights on the subject is brilliant. Terry thank you for all your help and support and Happy 6th Birthday for 4N!! You've done an amazing job developing the business nationally & internationally!
  • I met Terry at the 4N conference in Peterborough ans he inspired me to want to reach my full potential both in business and on a personal level . 4N rocks!
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What I do

  • Business development and coaching
  • Business networking

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Last online 24th Mar 2020
Member since 31st Aug 2007
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