What I Offer…

I provide and implement marketing strategies specific to your company's goals and aspirations.  Formulating innovative strategy, writing content and telephone services all aimed at gaining you the right clients and opportunities are the things I am passionate about.  I love to see businesses putting into action simple steps which result in a real difference to their bottom line.  

Member Testimonials

  • I have just completed a webinar with Tabitha Gary. Tabitha spoke about the importance of words to a business and how by changing the words you use you can dramatically improve the results that you get. Tabitha was really knowledgable and is without a doubt a really export in writing copy.

What I do

  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Email and Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Copy Writing Wording Sales Letter writing

My Stats

Last online 10th Nov 2018
Member since 23rd Mar 2016
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Meetings attended 95
4N ranking 2691 in the UK