What I Offer…

Neil Ben Films is a video production company with a difference... We don't like shooting video!!!

How is that possible?

Neil Ben Films is run by BAFTA nominated Neil Ben, and ex-BBC Producer / Director and yes it's true, although Neil is more than capable of operating a camera, he doesn't like shooting video.

But his company has won a business award for the Innovative way it helps businesses use video.

Again, how is that possible?

Simple really. Neil prefers to teach his clients how to shoot videos themselves, using their smartphone or tablet, through his business video training programmes. He then supports them in growing their YouTube channels with quality, self shot, professionally editing videos.

We also produce, and when we are commissioned to make training films (which is one of our specialities) we hire only the best broadcast crews to film our productions and Neil sits in his director's chair telling everyone what to do, just like he used to do when he was at the BBC.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am quick at seeing the big picture and translating difficult ideas into engaging and inspiring content, be that film, TV or videos. I have 30 years experience working in television and video production and have written, produced and directed hundred of hours of content in many different styles and genres.

I have make programmes for the BBC, Channel 5, Discovery, Sky, Amazon Prime and 100s of business owners.

Things I like…

I love the creative processes. So starting with a blank piece of paper with just an idea, and then working with a team to turn that idea into award winning (or if not award winning, then exceedingly good) films.

Member Testimonials

  • Creating videos for my website with Neil was a really enjoyable experience. His knowledge and expertise in editing were fantastic and allowed us to create 4 videos in 2 hours. He was a great help with scripting and made life in front of the camera a whole lot easier.
  • I would like to recommend Neil Ben. I attended his Easy-Pro Video Workshop which was excellent I learnt so much. I was so impressed that I also did a two hour filming session where I made four mini videos for my website and media pages.
  • Neil knows his stuff - and then some! I've done some green screen filming with him in his studio and been on one of his smartphone workshops. Under his guidance I've created some fab videos for my business which I've used to great effect on my website and social media. 100% recommend Neil.
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What I do

  • Television and Video Production

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