What I Offer…

I help you increase the performance of your small business.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Every successful business has three things in common. It needs: a marketable PRODUCT, a great PITCH, and a good PROCESS.

Bookable provides you with an online platform to run your business from one place, while also offering monthly business clinics, and quarterly workshops to help you create great business strategies, pitch to your audience better, and create processes that make your business day easier.

Go to bookable.online to learn more about the platform and book onto one of our next workshops.

Member Testimonials

  • 4Networking members in Martins region are very fortunate to have him in the role of Regional leader! He builds great teams and is an advocate for all of the members. As hard as he works for 4N Members, I can only imagine how hard he'd work for you as a client!
  • Martin takes a very complicated subject, dissects it, analyses it and presents it in a simple and understandable way. I am grateful to him for his keen intellect, integrity and market expertise. He has a deep commitment to make sure that my financial future is secure. He is razor sharp and caring.

What I do

  • Financial Adviser, Business Strategist
  • Business Consulting

My Stats

Last online 1st Jun 2020
Member since 14th Apr 2016
Number of testimonials 0
Meetings attended 407
4N ranking 12 in the UK

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