What I Offer…

The Positive PA was born at the beginning of May 2016.  It was set up to help people who don't need, or can't afford to employ someone on a regular basis, to undertake the ever expanding pile of admin and other jobs that are required to help a business to run smoothly and efficiently. Often, these jobs are not there all the time and neither am I.  I'm only there whenever a client needs me, whether it's at a distance, where they are, or where they need me to be. My business is all about giving you more time to do your business.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I heard an inspiring business person speaking recently about her career and how she’d “careered” from one job to another, before she found her niche.  Well, I guess I’ve done that too, but on the way I’ve picked up a variety of skills which I hope to use in order to help make people's working life that bit better.  I’m still learning new skills too, because we should never stop learning.

I decided at the beginning of 2016 that I’d like to work for myself, helping others and having fun doing it….. so here I am.  Ready to work with my clients to make their lives calmer, easier, more organised, more rewarding, giving them more time to enjoy what they do and what they want to do; whatever they need.

Member Testimonials

  • The fact that Sarah agreed to take a Team role almost immediately on joining 4N, and the positive and organised way that she has approached the role subsequently speaks volumes for her delightful personality, infectious enthusiasm and sheer commitment to ensuring 'a job well done'.
  • I asked Sarah to find out about a bar code for an ISBN number for my book. She did this quickly and efficiently. It is something I could have done given time & inclination, but it was lovely to just delegate and get the task done properly. She is due to be coming over to help me attack my to-do list
  • The success of Sarah's team role at Gloucester Quays has as much to do with her amazing organisation sklls as with her delightful and positive demeanour. Never one to let anybody down, she and her gentle humour are held in high esteem and she is a real credit to 4N and the team.

What I do

  • Business Support

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Last online 29th Oct 2018
Member since 12th Jul 2016
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