What I Offer…

Aben Bookkeeping provides bookkeeping services to micro, small and medium sized businesses in the Sussex area

We are passionate about providing accurate and timely bookkeeping services our clients

We also provide other services such as payroll, vat and management accounts


Why I’m good at what I do…

I started working in an accounts department of a computer manuafacturer in 1982. This job lasted a little over 4 years before moving into practice. Since working in various accountancy practices (ranging from a national firm to a small one man band) for about 20 years.

I decided to go self-employed having once again being made redundant. Initally I took a bookkeeping franchise, but since 2015 I have been a freelance qualified (both by exam via ICB and experience) bookkeeper.

What I do

  • Bookkeeping and payroll
  • Bookkeeping & VAT
  • Bookkeeping & Financial Admin
  • Bookkeeping for small & medium size businesses

My Stats

Last online 15th Nov 2019
Member since 25th Jul 2016
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Meetings attended 98
4N ranking 2626 in the UK

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