What I Offer…

It's tough isn't it, business and life. My main business is in dealing with depression and anxiety that holds people back. The good news is it can be controlled and reversed quickly and effectively. Anxiety and Depression covers many categories of life. 2018 I have dealt with Anorexia, Bulimia, Allergies, World Class Athletes, Martial Artists, World Champions, Mental Health, Grief, I could go on. It all boils down to not feeling good. 1 in 4 of us will encounter a mental health challenge. I want to impact upon 300 Million people by changing that statistic. The answer is in drugs! Your own natural drugs produced by your thoughts and emotions. I need your help to bring my Vision into reality. I operate from Harley Street, various offices in London, my own home or indeed yours. Speak soon. Garry

Why I’m good at what I do…

If you are going to be trained choose the best there is. In Neuro Linguistic Programming I chose Dr Richard Bandler, co founder of this method, he is the number 1. In Martial Arts I chose World Champions. I was asked to be a member of the Association Of Transformational Leaders Europe to collaborate with Europes' best. I study under Marie Diamond who coaches clients such as Steven Spielberg, Rolling Stone, Leonardo Di Caprio etc. My training and practice is key, with my own twist: I work very quickly, very effectively as the brain learns better at speed. It involves honesty, which is sometimes viewed as brutal. It works. Last year I spent £30,000 on my own training and development to ensure I am the best. I have coaches in Wealth, Spirit, Branding, Property,Self Development and Marketing. I have found that investment in yourself guarantees you deliver for people beyond expectation. I am so confidant in getting results I guarantee my work. I speak Internationally to share my knowledge.I have shared the stage with Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Marie Diamond, John Demartini, Douglas Vermeren, Sandy Jadega, Dr Stephen Simpson and Bernardo Mayo. I have spoken at Europes biggest event for self development for the last 3 years, holding big audiences. All this allows me to be top of my game.

Things I like…

I like results.
I like to learn more each day.
I like my family life.
I like Martial Arts so much I own my own Muay Thai Boxing school and instruct there. I have studied many martial arts and have fought all over Europe.
I like being in the Mountains and outdoors.
I like seeing people leave smiling.
I like getting closer to my Vision of impacting 300 Million people.
I like people.

What I do

  • Dealing with Anxiety or Depression quickly.
  • Transformational Retreats
  • Mental
  • physical and emotional challenges addressed.
  • International Speaker.
  • No. 1 best selling author
  • U.S.A
  • U.K
  • Holland and Germany.

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Last online 2nd Dec 2019
Member since 26th Jul 2016
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Meetings attended 93
4N ranking 420 in the UK

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