What I Offer…

Looking to source finance for your business but not sure where to start or who to talk to?
Is your bank the best option?
You don't want to spend significant amounts of time trying to find funders and then the thought of having to spend even more hours talking to the individual funders causes headaches!!!

Well- Dynamic takes care of all of that.

My 20 years experience and expertise in the commercial finance sector means Dynamic saves business owners time and resource- I do all the hard work, sourcing and securing the appropriate funding.

So no longer do business owners/ directors/ decision makers have to spend numerous hours searching for funders and then having to spend further time speaking to the individual funders.

One call to Dynamic can sort everything out!!

Business finance for all- regardless of nature of business, size of business, new start, existing business, sole trader or Plc- we can help all of you

Why I’m good at what I do…

Business owners, entreprenuers, decision makers talk to me as they get the benefit of ALL OF ME- that means they get my 22 years of experience in the finance sector. Someone who has the connections, the experience, the market understanding that enables funding requirements to get done.
Anyone can lend money-it is how the lending is done, the impact the funding has on the business, how it can impact on the taxation side of things, will it provide the client with the funding they need now and in the immediate future? These are all factors and questions that working with me get answers. I take the time to listen and find out the actual needs and requirements are. I then source the MOST appropriate solution for the client.

Nothing is underwritten by a computer program, every potential requirement comes across my desk first and an honest appraisal is given to the client.

Access to 30 plus funders, a huge variety of funding solutions made available to businesses, transparency and full and details explanations on the solutions put forward given to clients.

Things I like…

Modern musicals
Coaching rugby- local and county level
My charitable efforts
Spending quality time with my wife
Fast cars

What I do

  • business funding
  • commercial funding
  • vehicle leasing
  • property development funding.  People and business transformation
  • Vehicle Leasing Solutions
  • commercial loans

My Stats

Last online 22nd Feb 2020
Member since 5th Oct 2016
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