What I Offer…

I am a specialist qualified lawyer with over 20 years experience in dealing with all aspects of family and relationship matters to include divorce, separation, cohabitation, children matters, prenuptial agreements and domestic abuse.  I have a wealth of experience in dealing with relocation cases and other matters with an international element.  


I am committed to working with my clients to achieve the best outcome possible for them, whilst never losing sight of the need to maintain a balanced approach, especially where there may be children involved who will need the adults involved to maintain a workable, parental relationship.


I work with my clients to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum, offering pragmatic and sensible advice on how this is to be achieved.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Having worked as a divorce lawyer in a top city law firm for a number of years I knew I had to make some serious lifestyle changes, and to make them fast.   I was working incredibly long hours, I endured a hideous commute of 3-5 hours per day and I was stressed out, exhausted and I had no work life balance.   But although I knew I needed to make these changes, I didnt know where to begin.  I had always loved law and had a real passion for my work,  but I needed a break.  I therefore decided to take some time out from law, and I  started by creating a networking marketing business which I could work from home.  This allowed me to spend more time with my family whilst I took stock of what I wanted to do.  However, over time I realised that as much as I loved (and still love) my network marketing business, my real interest remained with law.

I therefore took the best of both of these worlds and I now work as a self employed lawyer offering high quality, affordable advice to my clients via my consultancy practice.  I currently work under the umbrella of Parrish Family Law in Olney, Buckinghamshire, a first rate and long established firm who have for many years provided high quality, affordable solutions to family clients in the area, and beyond.

Having been divorced myself, I understand how hard it can be, and I understand the need to have supportive, understanding representation who will fight your corner for you, but without destroying your family in the process.  



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  • Ellie is simply the best in the Forever business! Really friendly and relaxed approach which comes through her personality. I would have no hesitation in recommending others to join Ellie's team and using the products she offers.

What I do

  • Family Lawyer - divorce and separation
  • Family Lawyer - children
  • Family Lawyer - finance

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