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Working part time with Phil Hendy at PAH Accountants and representing him. Also available as agent for other trades wanting representation in the South West

E-Mail maggiech@tiscali.co.uk



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  • Mighty Colin... and he's not wrong!! Colin did a brilliant job on my carpets and has since done 2 other family members. Thank you Colin!
  • I don't know how or what the 'special green liquid' does, but I know that the cream in my rugs is back to it's true cream colour!! Saved me a fortune as was in the market for new rugs!! Excellent job, many thanks.
  • Colin is fantastic. Colin was professional, friendly and very very helpful. He saved us a lot of money on a job by cleaning the carpet :-) He's also a great 4sight speaker so get him along to one of your groups if you can. Thanks Colin xx
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